What is SYEP and what would I be doing in SYEP?

In the Summer Youth Experience Program (SYEP) you will receive work-readiness training to prepare you for your work experience and then be matched with a business or organization for an eight week work experience. During this time you will receive constant support from SYEP through your YEP mentor and weekly small group meetings. You will be paid through a stipend for your time at your work experience and in training. You will also have the opportunity to earn a National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC), which you can use to show future employers what skills you have acquired.

Can I participate in SYEP?

Anyone who lives in the Des Moines area and will be 14 to 21 years old may apply to participate. However, preference will be given to individuals who live in Des Moines' urban core. SYEP seeks to assist youth who experience barriers to employment (including youth from low-income households, youth with disabilities, and others) and young people experiencing barriers to employment are encouraged to apply.


What kind of work will I be doing?

SYEP partners with a number of different businesses and organizations in a variety of job sectors. We will do our best to match you with an employer that meets your skills and interests.


How much work will I be doing?

SYEP offers 20-hour-per-week work experiences. Employers have indicated which experience they are interested in providing so participants who indicate they are interested in both will have the most opportunity to be matched with an employer.


How much will I be paid?

Participants will be paid around $1280 20-hour-per-week work experience for 8 weeks. Participants must attend all trainings and follow the absence policies of the business or organization they are matched with to receive their stipend.


What sort of training will I receive?

Participants will receive 40 hours of work-readiness training over two weeks before being matched with a business or organization. During the following eight-week work experience participants will attend weekly two-hour small group meetings where more job skills will be covered. Over the course of the program participants will receive a total of 56 hours of training and have the opportunity to earn a National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC). An NCRC will demonstrate your skills in reading for information, locating information, and applied mathematics and is a certificate you can use in future endeavors.


What will I need to wear?

What you are required to wear during your work experience is based on which business or organization you are matched with, but you will be required to dress according to your placement's dress code. Ultimately it will be important that you dress "professionally". Exactly what this means for you will be covered in more depth during your training and SYEP will help you find appropriate clothing as necessary.


How will I get to work?

SYEP will help you arrange and plan your transportation, but it will ultimately be your responsibility.


When will this program take place?

To be determined. Your exact schedule will be discussed with you when you are accepted into the program, but some days will be spent in training while others are spent at your work experience placement.


How do I apply?

We are not currently accepting applications, but during recruitment time, you can apply here.