​What is Y-ExCL Summer and what would I be doing in Y-ExCL Summer?

In Y-ExCL you will receive a 2 week long work-readiness training to prepare you for your work experience and then be matched with a partnered business or organization for an eight week work experience. We try our best to align employment placement that aligns with the youth’s skills, interests, and goals. During this time you will receive constant support from Y-ExCL through your Program staff and team and weekly small group enrichment activities and college campus tours. You will be paid for your time at your job placement or job experience and we’re also able to pay for completed training.

Can I participate in Y-ExCL?

Anyone who lives in the Des Moines area and will be 14 to 21 years old may apply to participate. However, preference will be given to individuals who live in Des Moines' urban core that can fully commit themselves for 10 weeks of the Summer. Y-ExCL seeks to assist youth who experience barriers to employment (including youth from low-income households, youth with disabilities, and youth from underserved or under-represented communities). Young people experiencing barriers and challenges to employment are encouraged to apply.

What kind of work will I be doing?

Y-ExCL partners with a number of different businesses and organizations in a variety of job sectors. We will do our best to match youth with an employer that meets and align with the student’s skills and interests. Some examples of work include customer service, maintenance, clerical, office environments, and supervision of youth during Summer Programming, only to name a few. We are consistently engaging and recruiting for new employers each year so these offerings will change regularly each year.

How much work will I be doing?

Y-ExCL offers 20-hour-per-week work experiences that last for 8 weeks. The student participant and employers will work together to develop a regular schedule to meet the 20 hour work week threshold between Monday – Thursday. Friday are reserved for group enrichment activities and college campus visits. Employers will indicate the job experience they are interested in providing so student participants can give us some information about what they desire from their Summer job placement in hopes that we can make an employer/student match.

How much will I be paid?

Participants will be paid $10 per hour throughout their 8-week work experience. Participants must attend all trainings, Friday activities, and follow the absence policies of the business or organization they are matched with to receive their pay.

What sort of training will I receive?

Participants will receive 30+ hours of training for work-readiness and leadership skills over two weeks before being matched with a business or organization. During the following eight-week work experience, participants will attend weekly(Fridays) small group meetings, activities, and college visits to improve their overall opportunities for future goals and success.

What will I need to wear?

What you are required to wear during your work experience is based on which business or organization you are matched with, but you will be required to dress according to your placement's dress code. Ultimately it will be important that you dress "professionally" and appropriate for the type of work that will be done. Exactly what this means for you will be covered in more depth during your training and Y-ExCL will help you find appropriate clothing as necessary.

How will I get to work?

Y-ExCL will help guide students through the process of arranging for transportation, this ultimately falls onto the student and families to make this work. The program can support the student with bus passes to help with transportation and will work with students and families on extreme cases, on a case-by-case basis.

When will this program take place?

To be determined. Your exact schedule will be discussed with you when you are accepted into the program, but some days will be spent in training while others are spent at your work experience placement. Traditionally, we recruit and have applications filled out around April, interview in May, and have a program start date in early June. The program usually wraps up mid-late August before the school year starts.

How do I apply?

We are not currently accepting applications, but during recruitment time, you can apply here.​​